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10:14 PM•Monday, March 22, 2010
well if you're like me, when you were little you always oogled at all those press on nails at the store....and when you got old enough, you tried the ones with the press on glue...

can we say "tacky" and "fail"

seriously...those things popped off like nobodies business!
well, lemme tell ya, i recently tried a few press on nails from wal-mart, and these are NOT the play nails of yesteryear.for one, NEVER get the ones with glue already on them. thats just the beginning of a bad ending.i loved the nailene glue that you can buy separately, but to be honest, the glue that comes with it works JUST as well and lasts JUST as long.

these are the first ones i tried,
they are "real short", although if you wear your nails like i do naturally, they still seem a little long for my taste, although one this i did notice about these compared to the others i tried (which i'll get into in a min) is that the white tip, does NOT wear down or chip, just like it says, especially if you have to do any filing. they lasted about a week (as did all the ones i tried) which is not bad concidering you cant really get finger nail polish to last that long with no upkeep. i put these on, (expecting the pop off effect i had experienced as a little girl) although that week i was helping my fiance's Grandpa on a job, i was taping off some cupboards and i USED these nails, and i mean USED! i put them through the paces, pullin stuff off with them, rubbing things flat against the wall...and not a budge. i was terribly impressed.

and that, is when i was thus started my quest, i thought i would shop around different brands to see if there was even better then what i never know till you try right?

next up were a set by Nailene. i cannot find a pick, but they were a french manicure with little white flower coming off the white tip. those had good staying power as well, only i was WAY not impressed with the shape, and i'm not talking the tip, i mean the fit on my nail, they were much more round in their profile, and they almost curved down at the tip, they reminded me too much of the creepy tacky too long nails that curve down....and i couldnt stand it. they just...looked like fake nails, and that wasn't what i was goin for really...
so my quest continued.
next up,

designs!! these were by broadway and again, i can't find a pic, but you will find them at almost all wal-marts, they are your basic french tip, only with music notes and was a pretty epic design, and i have to say....they looked rad, the fit was nice, but again, a little longer then my usual length.

next up, these babies.

again in "real short", again longer then i'm used to...maybe i just have short nail beds? i DID realize that for some reason, my pointer finger nail always turned out longer then the others...again, thinkin maybe i have a shorter nail bed there then the others...that is when i figured out this trick...
instead of filing from the top, and making the white smaller then the others (which will be obvious) all you have to do is file the BOTTOM of the nail before you glue them on, and ta-da, PERFECT!! the only prob i have with these, is that the very end of the white, wears down a little and you can see some "nude" color showin after awhile. "kiss" is the only brand to date that i have found that doesn't chip or wear off.

next leap, TOE-NAILS!!
i know what you're thinkin....cuz i was too at first, weird right!? but they were on sale at the time, so i thought, why not? and gave it a shot.these are the ones i tried...i didn't end up using the stickers, but it was nice they came with it. now here's the low down on these things....they are kinda long, and personally....i think that's totally gross on your toes.

just sayin.

so in comes my previous experience with the file!! i simply filed down the bottoms (not the tips)
and PERFECT!! they looked like i had just gotten out of the salon.

so my final thoughts, i love them, they can do some damage to your nails though just to warn you if you try and pull or tug them off, but if you soak them off in acitone it's MUCH cleaner. and wont peel off parts of your nail.

so my verdict....try them! for special occasions, or for every day, they are perfect for the fashinista on a budget!!

the never ending quest...
12:30 AM•Saturday, July 18, 2009
for that "perfect" self tanner. I put it in quotes because it's very obviously alleged. Idk if anyone has actually obtained said "perfection" in a self tanner for that matter...but it's like that fountain of youth...

just because no one has ever found it, doesn't mean we will ever stop looking.

so saying that, i will take you down my rocky and disastrous road with self tanners...
i think i started trying them out when i was around 14 maybe? whatever was the new "it" one at the time...i've tried numerous brands and forms...nothing has worked for me. herein lies the problem: i am ridiculously pale. and i have a pink undertone.

what does that mean? two words.


It makes self tanners a virtual mine field for the pale masses. There is no wiggle room either, no in "kinda". it works...or you my friend, are left looking like an oompa loompa again....minus the green eyebrows.

what is the main problem most people stereotypically run into with fake tanners?
that dreaded orange color...that moment when the little glimmer of hope you finally mustered up after spending time rubbing and blending and smearing and buffing..and whatever else is required to apply this liquid hope, pay it no will be worth it to be tan! we tell ourselves...
and then after the hours have gone by, and we are left looking like the peels left behind after making fresh orange juice...that hope...dies a little.

so what do self tanner companies do to country this problem? well...they add green!! surely that will help right? for olive is a NATURAL tan tone...and therefor will look NATURAL right!? RIGHT!?

wrong...for if you dont HAVE a natural olive will end up with this odd green/gray tone to your new "tan"....which only usually succeeds in making you look either old or dirty...and sometimes both if you swing it just wrong.

what else can be done!? green=fail. orange=double fail.
YELLOW!?! maybe that's the answer.....

...if having people ask if you might have jaundice is your desired reaction....then sure. (that REALLY happened to me when using the jergen's gradual tanner lotion >_<) so what are we left with? to accept our paleness? to admit defeat and embrace out pastiness?! NO...we MUST KEEP LOOKING!!! i recent;y caught wind of a product by sun laboratories...a youtuber said 5 little words that nearly made me want to cry! "it had a pink undertone" (picture below on the tanner reviewed)
PINK!?!?!....did my ears deceive me!? i knew i heard it right! but did i dare raise my hopes again!? did i dare let my little pale heart flutter at such radical ideas?!?!

yes...yes i would...the drive to dream of golden tans and bronzed legs was much to strong to ignore...

so off to ebay i went. in search of this legend...

and what did i find? SCORE! super on sale, just what i can handle...
with heart pounding in my chest...i pressed that "buy it now" button and confirmed.

there...i had done it. there was no turning back now.

now i'm left to obsessively hit my "refresh" button on the shipping report and wait.

wait for the promise of a tan...

maybe...just, no i can't even say it. i wont get ahead of myself.

i guess we will see.

your thoughts?

Workin Out
1:43 AM•Friday, April 17, 2009
ok so it's like almost 2 am right now...rather early for me actually. i've been doing a hit and miss job at staying consistent with Jillian's 30 day shred video, i think i'm getting bored with doing the same one over and i switched it up, i did level 2 instead of 1 (even though one leaves me wiped out as it is) and i think it was actually a good idea. dont get me wrong, it was crazy hard...some of the moves i couldn't even hardly's like i'm not built for it, which i know is just getting my body conditioned to it...ugh.

conditioning, a bit of a dirty word in my book.
conditioning requires you doing something your body presently cant handle, over and over, slowly....until it can.

plus this whole running thing is going lousy ....i've never been athletic in my whole life, and running is NOT my "thing". i know a lot of people do it to blow off steam, or wind down...or just to, all i can think of when I'm running, is how much i cannot stand running.
my record as of now for a times a whopping minute.

oh hush, that is an wasn't' even close to that before...idk why i'm wired so badly when it comes to cardio lungs start burning and i feel like i could puke and pass out at the same time, and it's not from lack of breathing properly...i've been really watching it...i just can't seem to catch my breath at i'm left with lots of walking time trying to slow the insane heart rate down to's ridiculous...


or patients....

both i seem to have no tolerance for when it comes to working out.

i like to see improvement. see results.
if i dont...i stop.

even if i tell myself i wont.

i worked out today though...this is good...i have to keep this up, i can't keep skipping, that's no good and only making things harder in the long run.

2 weeks.

that's the time period i want to make, working out everyday...start off small.
i have a friend coming into town that i haven't seen in 2 years...and i was a bit thinner then. i wanna have seen some progress, if only my schedule becoming somewhat normal...

i say I'm typing it at 2 am in the morning...

oy. I'm going to bed. night lovelies.

welcom welcom to me
10:19 PM•Thursday, March 19, 2009
ok guys this is the start of my blog, i hope you all will join me in exploring this new wonderful addition to all of my endeavors, it will be beauty first and formost, but that inclused many things, health, eating, lifestyle, weight loss....all of these things...
so here we go....

About me

This Blog is not what you might think, I'm not about making you something you're not, merely finding the beauty you truly are. we were all born with beauty, a beauty all our own. This beauty is not something that can be mass produced or sold in a cosmetic store, it is a right, our right....your right, that you alone hold. This blog is about unveiling that beauty. Not covering up, but playing up what we were given. this isn't about following the latest trend and fad, but about finding those things you love about yourself, and accentuating them. this is not for others, not so you can fit in, but so you can stand out as a one of a kind work of art, not because of the brand or style of makeup you are wearing, but because you know in you're heart you are beautiful. this is for you and you alone. like a snow flake, there is NO one out there that can be the beauty you can, no one who can dazzle quite like you do. So here we go, not as a goal, but as a journey, to unveil the beauty from within...

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